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Business and Life Coaching

Our Coaches are Seasoned Professionals and Experts in their Respective fields. All Life Factor Coaches are fully Certified and have a minimum of ten years+ in their field of Expertise. In other words, you are in Expert hands!


Services Available
Online, Over The Phone & In-Person
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Life Coaching

  • Life Empowerment
  • Career Management
  • Fitness, Wellness & Life Style
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Personal Development
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Business Coaching

  • Business Start-Up
  • Core-Competencies
  • Better Business Strategies
  • Business Development


Individual Coaching
"Discovery Session"

We offer Customized packages based on our initial "Discovery Session" with you.  Whether you are looking for weekly in person sessions, bi-weekly sessions, phone sessions, or monthly sessions, we have the package that is ideal for you!  Our Coaches ensure that they have a complete picture of your Objectives and with your needs in mind, will Catarpul you into Action using specific Techniques designed for Results and the results will speak for themselves! All we ask is that you come ready for Change!

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Session Available Online, Over The Phone & In-Person
Group Coaching
Series Based Options

We offer our Clients Ease and Flexibility with participating in our Group Coaching Sessions. Offering a vast array of topics, you can opt to participate in a daytime Coaching session, weekend sessions or evening sessions.  Most of our Group Workshops and Seminars run on a Consistent basis, with several Series-Based options. Group Coaching Sessions are a Fantastic Money Saving Option and can also Compliment Individual Coaching Sessions.  Some of our Group Series Seminars also provide Certifications! Explore the many available Group Coaching options available to you today!